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Techstars Space Startup Digest

Issue #36  •  July 20  •  view online
Bringing you out of this world content focused on startups bridging the gap between humanity and the next great frontier: Space.

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Applications Open for Techstars Accelerators Across the World

From the future of food to the future of longevity, applications are now open for nine Techstars Accelerators across the world. Apply now to accelerate your business and join the Techstars worldwide network:
Space Startup Spotlight
Announcing the 2019 Class of Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator
10 companies joining the inaugural class of the Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator in Los Angeles.
50 Years Post-Lunar Landing, These Southeastern Space Startups Are Still Exploring the Final Frontier

Closing the Connectivity Gap in Low Earth Orbit

Japanese startup gears up for its fourth rocket launch
Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST) gears up to conduct another rocket launch on Saturday July 13, just about two months after it successfully sent the MOMO-F3 sounding rocket into space. The upcoming mission, …  •  Share
Meet The World's Youngest Astronaut In Training: Designer Of The First-Ever Space Luggage

Deal Space
Archinaut snags $73 million in NASA funding to 3D-print giant spacecraft parts in orbit
A project to 3-D print bulky components in space rather than bring them up there has collected a $73.7 million contract from NASA to demonstrate the technique in space. Archinaut, a mission now several years in development from Made In Space, could launch as soon as 2022.
Myriota the first locals to sign with the Australian Space Agency

Stellar Perspective
Space Startups See Big Payouts in New Push to the Moon
Entrepreneurs see big potential payouts in the U.S. plan to land astronauts on the moon by 2024.
Data: The intangible accelerant of the new space age

Astronomical Fundraises
In-space shuttle service, Momentus, raises $25.5 million as investments climb for ‘new space’ tech
With commercial launch services expected to reach $7 billion by 2024, there’s increasing demand for an array of new technologies that can offer advantages to companies looking to get communications infrastructure in orbit.
Fresh $18.7 million funding round puts PlanetiQ weather constellation back on track

Satellite startup snags funding for "cell towers in space"

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