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This week's digest covers some new developments that are providing key infrastructure for space start
Issue #3  •  December 1  •  view online
Bringing you out of this world content focused on startups bridging the gap between humanity and the next great frontier: Space.
This week’s digest covers some new developments that are providing key infrastructure for space startups to build upon, and thus further lowering lowering cost barriers to launching and ramping up.
Doubling Down...Link Capacity
Much how AWS provided the foundational infrastructure for for the ensuing flood of mobile and web 2.0 startups, Amazon is now partnering with Lockheed Martin to do the same for the next wave of world, or space rather, shaping startups.
Space Startup Spotlight
Here’s a great example of a startup merging final frontiers if you will in order to create value.
This Startup Is Taking The Ashes Of 100 People Into Space

[Space] Internet Revolution
SpaceX's Next Launch Will Spark a Space Internet Showdown | WIRED
An unusual SpaceX launch will carry several startups’ satellites, some of which will jockey to provide dirt-cheap internet for earthbound IoT sensors.
Space Food Resource Economics
Feeding astronauts and space tourists in orbit and beyond is expensive, but what if it were possible to manifest sustenance out of thin air?
Solar Foods, a Finnish startup, plans to produce edible protein from air and electricity. The company announced its partnership with the European Space Agency to work on food production for future space flights. Solar Foods previously received 2 million euros in funding.   •   Share

Aerospace Alley
California has Silicon Valley. Could Colorado become home to “Aerospace Alley?”
It’s not really a moonshot kind of goal, considering that Colorado’s aerospace economy is already second only to California’s. The state has 180 aerospace companies and more than 500 businesses that provide space-related products and services. It has the highest concentration of private aerospace employment in the country.
Spaceports: The New International Space Startup Launchpad
ISRO's PSLV-C43 launch: Four new countries will use ISRO’s launch services
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